WBAALAS is the Washington branch of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) which is dedicated to promoting responsible laboratory animal care. Our membership includes people and institutions statewide that are professionally concerned with the production, care, welfare and study of laboratory animals. We promote fellowship and cooperation among people interested in the mission and philosophy of AALAS and provide a forum for these professionals to meet and discuss the important issues they regularly encounter and recognize leaders in humane animal research methods.

By providing education and support for members of the Washington State research community, our organization strives to create a better quality of life for essential laboratory animals.



Contest -Technician Appreciation Week


Deb K.- you are the winner of the individual prize of a $100 gift card. You got all 10 answers correct!! You had some tough competition, but you squeaked out a little ahead of everyone else.

Bloodworks NW is the winner of the Ice Cream Social paid for by the branch!

Thank you to all those who participated, and we look forward to seeing you at the Trade Fair on Thursday, March 9th. Also, don’t forget to nominate for our two annual awards, found here on our website by Feb 27th.




To receive an invitation to join our secret group on Facebook send an email from the email you use for Facebook to: TBR@wbaalas.org

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