Educational Seminar & Technician Roundtable Networking

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When: Friday, August 19th from 3:30-4:30pm

Where: Belltown Pub, Seattle WA –Directions

FREE drinks and food will be available! All members are invited to attend our first educational seminar discussing the topic of-How Lab Rodent Housing Compares to Wild Dens. The first 10-15 minutes of this event will be exploring and discussing the educational topic. The rest of the event will be our first ever technician roundtable networking event. Thank you to our sponsor Medline and local sales representative Joe Abbott.
Please email questions to Andrea S. ([email protected])


More Information…

Educational seminars will be hosted by WBAALAS and sponsored by our commercial members. The first educational seminar will be co-hosted with the first Technician Roundtable networking meeting. The Technician Roundtables will be held quarterly, four times each year. The event will provide continuing education credits to attendees and invaluable networking opportunities.

To RSVP and receive location information please email [email protected]

Members are welcome to send in suggested future discussion topics and sign up to lead future educational seminars. The tentative first 5 seminar topics to be presented by board member Sarah W. will be:

  1. How lab rodent housing compares to wild dens
  2. How changes in season affects reproduction within our facilities
  3. Optimal breeding strategies for rodents
  4. Blood vs. Tissue DNA yield/quality
  5. Costs/benefits of animal identification methods