10th Annual Lab Products Animal Technician Award

A laboratory animals best friend is a caring Animal Technician Lab Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the 10th Annual Lab Products Animal Technician Award Program. This program is designed to reward a deserving animal care technician from each of the 8 AALAS Districts and Canada with the opportunity to attend their first National AALAS Meeting. One award recipient is selected yearly from each of the 8 AALAS Districts and Canada. The award is limited to animal care personnel, with at least one year of laboratory animal care experience, that have never attended a National AALAS Meeting. The recipients of the Lab Products Animal Technician Award will each receive an award recognition plaque; airfare, hotel and registration for the National AALAS Meeting; one year membership to National AALAS and $350 to cover incidentals while attending the AALAS Meeting. For more information write Lab Products, Inc., P.O. Box 639, Seaford, DE 19973, or see the award description and nomination information on CompMed or Techlink.

Award Benefits: (participation, recognition, public speaking, and decision making). This award will:

  1. Allow a deserving animal care worker from each of the 8 AALAS Districts and Canada to attend a National AALAS Meeting for the first time.
  2. Publicly recognize the recipient at a social function of the AALAS membership.
  3. Encourage the recipient to speak at a Branch Meeting on their experiences at AALAS, thereby allowing them to gain experience in public speaking and to promote the AALAS experience to other technicians.
  4. The recipient will serve as a member of the Lab Products Animal Technician Award Selection Committee for the next year. This will allow them the experience and involvement in a decision making process that will affect their peers.

Award Selection Committee:

  1. Nominees for this year’s awards should be submitted to Lab Products, Inc. The Award Selection Committee will then consider all nominations and select one nominee from each of the 8 AALAS Districts and Canada to receive the award.
  2. The 2012 Award recipients will form the Award Selection Committee for selection of the 2013 Award Recipients.

Award Selection Criteria:

  1. Nominee must have a minimum of 1 years work experience in a laboratory animal facility.
  2. Nominee must be a working supervisor, animal care worker or animal health technician. (Managers, Assistant Directors, etc. are not eligible).
  3. The nominee must be someone that actually performs hands on animal care work or works in the cage wash area.
  4. The nominee must be someone that would not be eligible for travel funds (from the University, Institution or Company) to attend a National AALAS meeting.
  5. This award is intended to provide deserving animal care technicians with the opportunity to attend their first National AALAS Meeting. Therefore, only nominees that have never attended a National AALAS Meeting will be eligible.

Nomination Process: (Nominations must be RECEIVED BY June 14, 2013)

  1. Nominations are to be submitted by letter, detailing the Technicians’ work history, accomplishments, community involvement, and describing how this travel award will benefit the technician and their facility. AALAS/CALAS Branch membership, and involvement in branch AALAS/CALAS activities, will be considered in the award selection.
  2. Supporting letters are encouraged and will be considered, but are not required.
  3. Send nominations to:
    Attn: Awards Selection Committee
    Lab Products, Inc.
    P.O. Box 639,
    Seaford, DE 19973
    Ph. 800-526-0469
    Fax 302-628-4309
  4. Award recipients will be notified by August 2, 2013.

Award Recipient Requirements:

  1. After attending the National AALAS Meeting, the award recipients must present a paper at their next annual Branch or District AALAS meeting on how the AALAS Meeting experience affected them.
  2. Award recipient agrees to attend the Lab Products, Inc., Tuesday night social during the National AALAS Meeting for a formal award presentation.
  3. Award recipient agrees to be a judge for the selection of the next years award recipients.


JUNE 14, 2013